How Publishers and Editorial Teams Can Work More Closely Together

Succeeding at a membership program requires breaking down silos

Jeanette Ageson, the publisher at the Tyee, joins me to discuss how editorial and publisher teams can better work together to support membership-based outlets.

We also discussed their work in creating membership-driven reporting, how they approach membership drives and the importance of surveys.



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Show Outline

1:48 - What is the Tyee

3:18 - The role of a publisher and Jeanette’s day-to-day work

5:30 - How editorial and publishing teams work together

7:10 - The changing role of the publisher from advertising to membership

8:40 - How nonprofit work relates to membership growth

10:14 - The benefits of regional focus and regional audiences

15:15 - How Jeanette thinks about community engagement strategies 

21:30 - How the Tyee uses events for growth

25:56 - Experiments

30:23 - Shifting away from advertising

33:13 - How the Tyee runs crowdfunding campaigns

38:14 - Balancing email volume during a crowdfunding campaign

40:35 - Different value propositions during a crowdfunding campaign versus normal fundraising

43:08 - Surveys and pre-engagement with audiences before launching bigger campaigns